Upcoming Events

Schmoozing It Up

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 13th and 14th
Schmooze: The Jewish Culture Conference
at City Winery in Manhattan.

If you've never attended, Oyhoo's annual gathering is a South By Southwest or Sundance Film Festival for the Jewish cultural and entertainment industry. Schmooze '09 brings together creative leaders from Jewish cultural organizations from over 50 cities in the United States and five countries outside the United States. Professionals from the Jewish culture, art and media worlds engage in dialogue about current developments, visions and goals. That means presenters, artists, funders, and writers who come together to schmooze, enjoy, get inspired, and do business. Featuring keynote Daniel Libeskind and panels with more than forty presenters and artists from theater, film, literary arts, and more! Schmooze gives the Jewish Presenting world an annual chance to get together. The conference this year will be held at New York's newest event space, City Winery, located in Soho New York. Lisa will be leading a session for artists and writers and emceeing an artists' showcase.